Risk Appraisal and Reduction Experts


WELCOME TO LSA Secure: Expertise for a Hostile World

LSA Secure is a UK based private company operating a portfolio of specialist security services for clients at land, sea and air. To support these domains, LSA Secure is split into divisions offering tailored service lines within each. The company has a global client base and, as such, has regional representation to support client operations. With offices in the UK, US, Asia and the Middle East our personnel can always accommodate local requirements.

Our strategy is to manage the client relationship through analytic assessment, integrity, robust planning and flexibility in approach so that we can provide a solution, which is built for accurate delivery to the client’s expectations. This means that we spend a lot of our time trying to eliminate as much risk out of the operating environment as possible in the design and delivery of our services. This requires constant assessment of changing sociopolitical and economic profiles of regions around the world, as well as key criteria awareness of target industrial sectors.

To assist with this intelligence gathering process, LSA Secure works with a number of specialist partner organisations to provide a full spectrum of bespoke service capabilities. These services includes; specialist information gathering, analysis, reporting, procurement, transportation and logistical capabilities.